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You'll never lose A win again

FPS games are getting more and more popular on the smartphone, but the control is still a mess. You know how frustrating it is when you felt impossible to use your right thumb to move the character’s camera and fire at the same time. It's never been this fun gaming on a mobile.

Get Better Experience

The BattleDock for FPS games, the innovative docking station to bring you the unpredictable PC gaming experience of the mice and keyboard control on the smartphones via Bluetooth connection!

This is the brand new solution that dramatically turns your IOS/Android phone to be compatible with PC equipment.

Show Your skills,

Now you can enjoy your favorite  FPS shooting games on mobile with your keyboard and mouse with the next level of control!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • 100% PC Gaming Experience

    BattleDock supports any kind of non-Bluetooth keyboards (membrane , mechanical , or one-hand keyboard) and any kind of non-Bluetooth mouses.

  • Foldable Smartphone Holder, Easy to Store

    .The built-in holder helps to hold your smartphone or pads easy in a widely adjustable range of comfortable angle.
    The rectangular shape allows you fold and store it extremely easily and decently when you are not playing i

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Lag-Free Experience

    A small lag can mean the death in the FPS games, so The BattleDock adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a wide benchmark data transferring standard to make sure every key you pressed, every move of your mouse, will be reflected in the mobile game.

  • Improve your Skills

    There are a hundred of methods to increase your shooting skill, but the most recommended one is to use a mouse! Imaging you have the indifferent experience using a mouse to move the aim and fire the enemies on a mobile game just like PC gaming. The BattleDock gives you the freedom to win the game and you don’t have to worry about the bad on-screen control anymore!